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V Stone Carvers Festival

ART Festival

The Fifth Stone Carvers Festival was held in the first decade of July, 2017, in Red Yasil village of Perm kray. The Stone Carvers Festival was an exciting event in the life of the village and Perm kray, overall, indeed.

This was the time, when stone carvers met to share experience, to give masterclasses and to arrange stone carving competitions. Visitors attended stone carvers’ exhibitions and souvenirs trade fairs.

ART Festival

The festival lasted for six days. Within that short period, stone carvers got their ideas complete in stone. Each stonework received scrupulous assessment from the jury, with artists famous in this country and abroad. Eventually, the winners took their awards.

ART Festival

The Festival helped to realize the dream of native people to establish a “Stone Park”. Thanks to the park, the village became a unique place in Perm kray. Nowadays, it is a place of interest, indeed, a local sight worth seeing alongside Orda and Kungur caves and Belogorsky monastery. The Stone Carvers Festival became known in many regions in Russia and in the CIS countries.

ART Festival

One cannot but mention the beautiful nature of Perm kray, its unique Ural flora and fauna — that became the center of artists’ attention. It is exactly the nature, that provides creative inspiration and, at the same time, it serves as the background for masterpieces of stone carvers.

ART Festival

The Stone Carvers Festival aims at saving stone carving traditions and at promoting this age-old craftsmanship. Besides, the festival endeavours to attract attention to the beauty of the stone carving art.

The goal the festival pursues is to bring up the sense of beauty in young generation. Learning local traditions and culture of your native people is vital in raising children.

We invite everyone to take part in our festival and try your skills in stone carving next year. Please follow the announcement..

Contact: stone carvers’ company “Gerda Sky” LLC.
+7-902-63-91-384 (RU), +7 922 31-00-792 (RU), +7 (342)261-8-441 (RU, EN)

Nataly Palkina, “Gerda Sky” LLC.

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